Minneapolis Not So Cool, Phoenix Rules

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Minneapolis can no longer be smug about Miami, or even, good God, about the sprawling, energy-extravagant, air-conditioned cultural wasteland called Phoenix.

New research suggests that it’s just greener to live in the Sun Belt.  As a New England resident, I eagerly wait for other scientists to shoot holes in this work.  (Hint:  To make a comparison possible, the study somehow omits consideration of the energy used to extract fuels from the ground, the losses during energy transmission, and (!) energy costs) :

Mar. 26, 2013 — Living in colder climates in the US is more energy demanding than living in warmer climates. This is according to Dr Michael Sivak at the University of Michigan, who has published new research today, 28 March, in IOP Publishing’s journal Environmental Research Letters.

Dr Sivak has calculated that climate control in the coldest large metropolitan area in the country — Minneapolis — is…

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